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Auteur: Arend Verbeek

Auletes 2gether

December 2020

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Eindhoven meets Aachen

8 juli 2018

Vokollage o.l.v. Ruud Huijbregts en Thorsten Krause

Catharinakerk Eindhoven

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Jehanne d’Arc

8 en 10 juni 2018

Ensuite in samenwerking met toneelvereniging Doppio

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2 juni 2018

Auletes in samenwerking met harmonieorkest Sub Umbra

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A Symphony of Tales

Old Russian folk themes, the wonderful world of Aladdin, a romantic morning in Paris... Let our student symphony orchestra Ensuite take you on a musical journey through real and mythical worlds. Dream away while our conductor Bart Partouns guides us through great works by Rimsky-Korsakov, Carl Nielsen and Edward Elgar, in the beautiful newly opened [...]
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