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Auteur: Jan Moraal

Open rehearsal: Student choir Vokollage

Monday September 7th 2020, 19:30-22:15

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Open rehearsal: Symphony orchestra Ensuite

Wednesday September 9th 2020, 19:30-22:15

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Open rehearsal: wind orchestra Auletes

Thursday September 10th 2020, 19:30-22:15

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Ensuite presents: Maestro!

Zondag 8 december 2019, 16:00
Atlas, TU/e campus
Symfonieorkest Ensuite o.l.v. Bart Partouns

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Journey Through the Cosmos

Zaterdag 6 april 2019, 20:00

Blauwe Zaal, Auditorium, TU/e Campus

Harmonieorkest Auletes o.l.v. Paul van Gils
Met lezingen door Vincent Icke

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