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Confidential Contact Persons

Confidential Contact Persons

Do you need to talk to someone?

Martina and Casper are the confidential contact persons in Quadrivium, you can contact them!

I am always in for a good talk, during a walk or with a cup of tea/coffee (or a beer :). I know how nice it can be to share your struggles with others, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to talk about anything!


Hi all, I’m Casper. I am pretty active in many different associations (VDWaals, Nayade, La Tuna) and in Ensuite of ESMG Quadrivium. I enjoy talking with people about anything. So if you want to share your story (confidentially) and maybe get some advice back, or if you just need a listening ear, don’t hesitate to contact me!