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Editor notes

Editor notes

How to edit the site?

  1. Log into the back-end
  2. On your first login, you won’t have editing rights. Ask the secretary or sysop to give you rights (sysop@esmgquadrivium.nl)


Category: the post category determines where the post is displayed, for instance if a post has the “upcoming” category it will be shown on the home page slider. Set it correctly for each concert and activity post.

Media: photos/videos from a prior concert can directly be added to the original (already existing) announcement post. If the category is set correctly, it will automatically show up under Media > Concerts.


Site visits can be viewed on the analytics dashboard. Visits from logged in users are not shown on the dashboard. No personally identifiable information is tracked.

Page edits

Most pages are written using the WPBakery Page Builder editor. If you see gibberish like [vc_row]..[/vc_row] you are using the wrong editor, find the button to switch to WPBakery Page Builder. For new pages I recommend the block editor but either is fine.