The Sound That Makes The Movie

2 december 2017 20:00
Blauwe Zaal, Auditorium, TU/e

Some films are unforgettable because of their music. Symphony orchestra Ensuite plays many famous soundtracks and the art of effective film music writing is discussed.

Music plays an essential part in films. Many blockbusters come with musical themes that seem to live on forever. Music has always played an important role in films, already from the very start when the silent movie was accompanied by orchestra, piano or pianola.

During this evening, Quadrivium’s symphony orchestra Ensuite, directed by Bart Partouns, plays many of those everlasting themes; think of James Bond, Star Wars, The Artist and many more. These works form the main course of the evening’s treat. In between there will be short introductions to film music and the role it plays in the total concept of film. Lucas Asselbergs, who wrote film score music, will explain how music can make or break a movie. Good film music is more than a catchy theme. It is often not very recognizable but subtle and creeping under your skin, while the spectator is drawn into the story. Ensuite will do its very best to reconstruct this feeling.

Performed works:

  • Estancia Ballet: Danza del trigo (Part 3) – Alberto Ginastera
  • Out of Africa – John Barry (arr. Nic Raine)
  • Star Wars: Suite for orchestra – John Williams
  • Symphonic highlights from Pirates of the Caribbean: at world’s end – Hans Zimmer
  • Themes from 007 (a medley for orchestra) – arr. Calvin Custer
  • West side story: selection for orchestra – Leonard Bernstein, arr. Jack Mason
  • Harry Potter symphonic suite – John Williams, arranged especially for Ensuite by Loek Sonnemans
  • Twentieth Century Fox Universal theme.

In collaboration with Studium Generale.

2 December 2017, 20:00
TU/e Auditorium Blauwe Zaal

Students free / others €10,-
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