Auletes is the wind orchestra of ESMG Quadrivium. Under normal circumstances we would give at least 3 concerts a year to share our beautiful music with the world. Unfortunately, this has become a bit more challenging due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. We are however still trying to make the most of it! At the moment we are rehearsing in two small groups for the “Auletes 2gether” project, in which we are working towards a professional recording of two pieces. Both the new set-ups in which we are playing and the adventure of making a professional recording is a great learning experience for our musicians. These recordings will also be shared via for example Spotify.

We are proud that we are still able to work on such wonderful projects. These projects however also have a price tag. Since we can’t generate any income from ticket sales for our current project (since performing for an audience is not allowed), Auletes is looking for other ways to pay for our projects so we can keep making music in a way that is both safe and fun for our musicians. This is why we are holding a QerstQkskes (Qristmas QooQies) campaign. Our very own members will bake some delicious cookies for you to enjoy. A huge benefit of our cookies is that you can enjoy as many of them as you like without the need to feel guilty for eating so much. This is because the more cookies you buy and eat, the easier it is for us to stay afloat during these difficult times. Isn’t that great!?

You can order your cookies now via our website by buying a ‘ticket’ in the form below. One ticket means one pack. Each pack contains 10 cookies, which only costs you only 5 euros per pack. The cookies will be delivered between the 11th and 18th of December. Please place your order before the 3rd of December in order to get your cookies in time. We will contact you to pin a place and time where/when we can give you your cookies.

Thank you so much for your support!