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Dark Days

Dark Days

Dark Days

Winter, cold, short days and long nights. Student choir Vokollage and
KL!NK association of words acknowledge the dark winter days and

offer you an evening of comfort. The choir carefully stretched their

comfort zones to create this interdisciplinary concert performance. The

theme will be ‘reflection’ and the goal of the concert will be to provide

some warmth to soothe the dark days of December.

The Concert will be performed at 16:00 and 20:00 on December 11


Hotel California  – arr. Jeff Bowen
Chandelier – arr. Noah Thys

Onsuuri sun rantas autius – arr. Matt Hyökki

Ave Maria – Franz Biebl

Pacem – Don Macdonald

Õhtul – Pärt Uusberg

Indodana – arr. Michael Barrett and Ralf Schmitt

Kia Hora Te Marino – Christopher Tin

Reguliere prijs: €10,-

Studenten/Jongeren prijs : €7,50