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ESMG Quadrivium

Student Music in Eindhoven

ESMG Quadrivium is the student association for classical music in Eindhoven. With its wind orchestra, symphony orchestra, mixed choir and multiple ensembles it is one of the biggest culture associations in the student city Eindhoven.

Meet Quadrivium

On Tuesday the 9th of February there will an online Meet Quadrivium evening via Microsoft Teams from 19:30 until about 21:00. Everybody is welcome to join! We will play a few games and explain about our association. Do you want to get to know our association? Than press this button to get more information about this event.

Auletes 2gether!

Auletes is working on a fantastic recording project Auletes 2gether. The wind orchestra will spilt in half and both groups will work towards a semi-professional recording day. These recordings will be made available through Spotify such that you can enjoy their beautiful music from your own comfortable chair! All of this is very expensive so they need your help.

Sadly due to the new corona rules we had to postpone the recording. The new recording date still has to be determined. Your donation still counts, more information about this will follow soon.