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57th Board of ESMG Quadrivium

57th Board of ESMG Quadrivium

Da Qapo

The motto of the 57th board of ESMG Quadrivium is Da Qapo. When you see the term ‘da capo’ in your sheet music it means that you go back to the beginning. And making a new start is exactly what we, as a new board, would love to do after a long time of restrictions due to the Covid pandemic. Due to all restrictions we could not see each other as often as we used to do, and if we could do something together it was in little groups. We would like to reconnect everyone with the association. Also we want to work on improving the communication to our members. Furthermore we will persevere the Green policies that the previous board has started, and make some more steps in making our association more accessible for international people. We would like to give special credits to Levi Baruch for the beautiful pictures on this page!

Stefan van Laarhoven

As chairman I am responsible for leading the meetings and the daily management. Furthermore, I work hard to ensure the policy and to achieve the goals of the association.
As commissioner of ensembles, together with Laethitia Held, I am involved in the smaller chamber music groups. I make sure that there is the opportunity to rehearse, receive coaching and to perform. Furthermore, as commissioner of piano members I take care of the maintenance of the pianos and I organize activities and masterclasses for our piano members.

Laethitia Held

As the secretary of Quadrivium my tasks include reading and writing a lot of emails, making minutes and doing other administrative work. Also I am the one who sends you the newsletter every month. Next to that I am responsible for our ensembles together with Stefan. I will often be their contact person and we will together make sure that we will organize a lot of nice performances for them.

Perry Kloet

As the treasurer I’m responsible for the finances of the association. I do the payments and keep the bookkeeping up to date. I’m also responsible for the budget of the entire association.

The audit committee supports me and checks the bookkeeping.

Dionne Mahieu

As commissioner Ensuite I am, together with Erwin Webers, chair of the student symphony orchestra Ensuite. We are responsible for organizing the three amazing projects carried out by this orchestra.

Erwin Webers

As commissioner Ensuite I am, together with Dionne Mahieu, chair of the student symphony orchestra Ensuite. We are responsible for organizing three amazing projects carried out by this orchestra.

Emmie Bessems

Together with my co-commissioner Vera I’m responsible for Q’s wind orchestra Auletes. While Vera focuses on artistic tasks revolving around organizing and executing projects, my main focus is on the weekly administrative tasks and communication with the members. Of course, we complement each other wherever necessary! If you would like to know more about our fantastic wind orchestra or one of our upcoming projects, take a look at our agenda or send us an email!

Paul ter Rele

As the commissioner of Vokollage, it is my job to keep the wheels of the choir turning and to organize a couple of concerts each year. This entails: communicating with the conductor, gathering sheet music, and reminding singers in a “friendly” manner to tell me beforehand when they cannot come to a rehearsal. I share this workload with the Vokollage Commission (VokCie), a group of fellow choir members with whom I discuss matters concerning the concerts and rehearsals and to whom I can delegate work.