Quadrivium is a very active association. Some activities happen once, others return more often. In this way we also get to know each other outside rehearsals and we also make contact with people from other sub-associations. On this page you will find an overview of many annual activities.



The ALU (Active Members Activity) is an activity organized by the board that serves as a thank you to all people who have committed themselves to the association in the past year. Basically, all the people who were on the committee last year. The activity itself is always different and always a secret until it actually starts.

Open rehearsal

Quadrivium gives open rehearsals twice a year, one in September and one in February. Because without musicians we would be a very mediocre music association. If you are interested in joining the association, the open rehearsals are the best time because you can do it together with other interested parties.

MomenTUm March

MomenTUm is TU/e’s academic celebration for all graduates, with a large ceremony associated with it, for which Quadrivium forms a fanfare every year to provide the ceremony with a musical march.


Rehearsal weeQend

At the rehearsal weeQend, all sub-associations go away for a weekend to rehearse (self-explanatory). The rehearsal week always takes place at an external location where we not only make a lot of progress on the pieces, but also have a pleasant time together.



Three times a year we organize a Musical Open Podium or a MOP. A MOP is an event where Quadrivium members perform for each other in an accessible and relaxed setting. For example, you can play a piano piece you’ve been working on, perform with an ensemble, or just listen to other people’s acts.



Every year around December 5, Sinterklaas’ brother, SinterQlaas, pays a visit to the TU/e campus. Together with his purple Pieten and a mopping band consisting of Quadrivium members, Saint Nicholas visits many college halls where the Pieten each donate sprinkles and the band delights people with SinterQlaas songs.


Every year, Quadrivium forms a Christmas choir that rehearses several Qarols in the run-up to Christmas and then performs them at different locations. to spread the Christmas spirit. The performances take place at, for example, the TU/e Christmas market or the Dickensnight in Helmond.

Christmas dinner

To end the year nicely, there is always a Christmas dinner just before the Christmas holidays. This takes the form of a Potluck, in which everyone prepares something for themselves and then shares it. Important to mention, the board arranges the wine.


Piano masterclass

A few times a year there are so-called Piano Masterclasses. A few of our piano members study in piece, and then receive feedback from a professional in front of a small audience. It is a fun and effective way to increase the musicality of both the pianist and the audience.


Ensemble day

Many of our members form a new ensemble for the ensemble day and then rehearse a new piece every other day with the guidance of professionals. This day is then concluded with a small closed concert where everyone shows their progress to each other.



Like many other associations, Quadrivium also participates every year in the Batavierenrace, the world’s largest relay/student party. whether you’re trying to set the best time or have a good time with your fellow musicians, everyone is welcome in the Quadrivium Batavierenrace team.


Klassiek op de Campus

Klassiek op de Campus is een gratis festival voor klassieke muziek.  De organisatie van het  in handen van ESMG Quadrivium. Verspreid over 3 podia maken studentenorkesten en -koren uit heel Nederland en daarbuiten haar opwachting.


End of Year BarbeQue

After a year of making music, there is no better way to start the summer than with a barbecue. It is a good way to see people one last time before the holidays and also creates a connection between the various sub-associations.

Interorchestral Football Day

The Netherlands has many student orchestras and every year they like to come together to play a football tournament. Quadrivium is of course also participating in this to show (with mixed results) how well we can play football.

Sailing weeQend

Every year, Quadrivium goes to Friesland for a weekend to go sailing with anyone who wants to. whether you are an experienced skipper or a decklet, the sailing season is always a few days with many nice people, lots of fun and very occasionally a capsize.


Summer trip

The summer trip can take many forms, sometimes it is a concert trip where we will perform a concert in one or more foreign cities. sometimes it’s a journey in the theme of piano visiting different important locations for the world of pianists and sometimes it’s just a holiday trip because it’s fun to travel together.