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The Vokoladies is an all-female vocal ensemble comprised of five distinct voices. The ensemble first performed together during an ensemble day organised by ESMG Quadrivium, where they sang several pieces by the Chordettes. Having thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the ensemble has continued to rehearse together ever since, expanding their increasingly varied repertoire. The Vokoladies often perform together during the musical open nights organised by ESMG Quadrivium.


StrijQQwartet is the string quartet of ESMG Quadrivium. They started our when, during a rehearsal with the principles of the different sections, a desire to play more chamber music arose. They realized all of them were currently not playing in an ensemble and rest is history. They rehearse regularly with a wide repertoire ranging from Romanic classics like Schubert’s Der Tod und das Mädchen to modern guilty pleasures like Mamma Mia and Viva La Vida.


Hok 2 is Quadriviums one and only wind quintet; an ensemble consisting of 5 different wind instruments: flute, oboe, French horn, bassoon and clarinet. There are many possibilities with this classical ensemble and therefore we play a mix of quintet music and arrangements of other (popular) music. The name Hok 2 originated from the love-hate relationship we have with our rehearsal room, where we regularly rehearse, but we are increasingly leaving our natural habitat to show what we do. We play on several locations and occasions such as in homes for elderly, gala’s, and conferences and we hope to add some other great performances to this list. You should come and listen soon!


Barbershop quartet the Vokboys is named after the Eindhoven student choir Vokollage, of which each of the vocalists is a member. At the moment their repertoire is mainly barbershop, the genre originating form jazz in which all songs are performed a capella, traditionally by four male voices. During the year with this ensemble we have learned a lot of new music and we have grown as musicians. But most importantly: we’re having fun and that we’ll keep doing that (and let you hear it)!