Do you play the piano, but you don’t have one at home? Do you play an instrument that is not common in an orchestra? Or do you have no place to rehearse? ESMG Quadrivium offers rehearsal spaces for you to use. For those who play the piano, the association owns a grand piano, four upright piano’s and an electric organ. These are all available for members daily and they can reserve rooms to play on these instruments or play their own instrument.

Do you not only want to practice on your own but also socialize with other piano players? Every Thursday evening the piano members get together to share what music they have been working on and to play music together as well. Besides that there are also masterclasses every 3 months that allow you to improve your piano playing skills!

If you want to show your talent to the association, you can join the Musical Open Podium, which is organized several times a year. Or you can sign up to give performances at primary schools, hospitals or nursing homes.

More info?

For more information about becoming a piano member you can always send an email to