Full cirQle and beyond!

Dear visitor,

Our motto, as the 58th board, is “Full CirQle and Beyond”.

There are several thoughts behind this; first of all, it describes the shape of the Q, the most important letter of our full name, our logo and it is also the pet name that we call our association.

The second and third reasons have more to do with our policy and plans; the second that we would like to expand our cirQle to outside the Tu/e more; for example by promoting more in Fontys college, the Design Academy Eindhoven and other places outside the university.

And as third, we’re working towards tightening our bonds with the other cultural associations that thrive within the same building as we do, by befriending the boards and organising activities together.

Iduna Snip

As chairman I am responsible for leading the board meetings and the daily management. That means keeping an overview of everything that happens within the association, and making sure that we are connected to what we need. I work hard to ensure the policy and to achieve the goals of the association.

Jinte Vriens

As secretary I am responsible for all kinds of administrative tasks. This means, among other things, that I take the minutes of our meetings, handle emails for the board and send the newsletters. I also keep all membership records and I am the point of contact for new potential members.

Bram Hanssen

As treasurer I am responsible for the finances of the association. The responsibility of payments and accountancy lays with me. Also I make sure the budget of the association is correct. The “kascontrole” commitee supports me and checks the accountancy. Futhermore I am ensemble commissionar, I work together with smaller chamber music ensembles. I give them the opportunity to rehearse, work with coaches and perform.

Geert Langhout

Als commissaris Ensuite ben ik verantwoordelijk voor het symfonieorkest, Ensuite. Ik hou me bezig met het organiseren van onze concerten en zorg ervoor dat het elke week soepel loopt. Dit doe ik niet alleen; de geweldige EnCie (commissie Ensuite) helpt mij daarbij.

Tessa Rigterink

As comissioner Auletes I am the chair of the orchestra Auletes. It is my job to keep the orchestra running and to organise three amazing concerts that will be performed by this amazing orchestra.

Ianthe Henquet & Zed Hamerton

As the commisioners of Vokollage we are responsible for keeping the choir busy and on time. We work together with the conductor to ensure the members are practising and enjoying their time. Together with the help of the Vokcie, we organise concerts and work to have the rehearsals run smoothly.

Aron Prinsen

As piano commissioner I organize activities for the piano members, including masterclasses, piano drinks, and the piano trip during the summer holidays. I represent the piano members in the board. And am the chair of the PianiCIEmo.