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Qomputer Qlub

Quadrivium's ICT committee

Qomputer Qlub

Qomputer Qlub in 2018
Qomputer Qlub (2018)

The Qomputer Qlub is the committee that maintains all ICT systems. We make sure that the website runs smoothly and that email addresses work correctly. We also maintain the members administration system, ticket sale system, board wiki and SharePoint.

The committee does not have regular meetings. We rely instead on active participation from committee members who want to implement new ideas or fix issues. They can reach out to the committee to find others to help them with that.

How to participate

Do you have ideas or improvements that you want to implement, or do you want to help with something? Great! You can ask a committee member if there is anything that needs help. You can also visit the discussions page via the link below. Feel free to create a post or comment, even if you’re not a committee member.

General info

What systems do we manage?

  • Website: This website is backed by WordPress and runs on our Docker server. The theme was originally developed by an external company. Modifications are tracked in the repository mhvis/q-wordpress-theme.
  • Tutti: Tutti is the membership administration system. It is created with Python and Django. The source code is at mhvis/tutti.
  • Email: Mail inboxes are managed using Google Workspace. All board members have their own inbox. We have distribution lists that contain all members of the association or any subassociation. These distribution lists are automatically kept in sync with the members database using GCDS.
  • SharePoint: The SharePoint is primary used for storing files for board and committees. It currently also acts as a source of general information for members.
  • Bookings: The site deplint.nu is used for reserving rehearsal rooms. It uses an open source PHP script.
  • Tickets: We host our own instance of the open-source ticketing system pretix. We use Mollie as payment provider for iDeal. The instance runs in a Docker container and can be configured here.
  • Scala Dining: The dining app is used by all cultural associations to manage kitchen usage. We host this application on our Docker server. The code can be found at DutcherNL/Scala-Dining-WebApp.

Last updated on 30-3-2023 by Maarten Visscher