Woman Up!

Wind orchestra Auletes
12 March 2022 20:00
Augustinianum Eindhoven

On the 12th of March 2022, Auletes presents a concert named “Woman Up!”. This will take place in the Augustinianum in Eindhoven. During this concert we will put women in the spotlight. We will play one piece for a woman, one piece played by a woman and one piece written by a woman.

The work that was written for a woman is the compelling piece “A Movement for Rosa” by Mark Camphouse, which tells the story of Rosa Parks. Thereafter, we play the piece “Clarinet Concerto no. 1” by Oscar Navarro with our clarinetist Sabine Jongerius who will play the virtuous solo. We will finish with a piece by the hand of a woman, the bombastic though moving piece “Symphony no. 3” by Kimberly Archer.

Verder zal prijswinnend schrijfster en historica Els Kloek, onder meer bekend van het boek  “1001 vrouwen in de 20ste eeuw”, de avond extra diepgang geven door u mee te nemen door de geschiedenis van vrouwen in de muziek. We zien u graag terug tijdens deze bijzondere voorstelling!

12 maart 2022, 20:00 uur
Augustinianum Eindhoven