License to Play

3 December 2022 20:00
Parktheater Eindhoven

‘My name is Bond, James Bond’.

Exactly 60 years ago these distinctive words were first heard in cinemas, when the first James Bond film premiered.

To celebrate this birthday of the world’s most famous secret agent, Eindhoven Student Symphony Orchestra Ensuite, together with composer/arranger Mark Hendriks, will organize a concert in the Hertog Jan Hall of the Parktheater Eindhoven.

On December 3, 2022 you are invited to a full evening program with an overview of 60 years of music from the Bond films. To make the music come to life, soloists from conservatories from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht and a jazz combo from the student jazz association Studentproof will participate as musicians in this concert. You will have the chance to witness a dazzling and unique performance performed by young and enthusiastic musicians.

Tickets via Parktheater