Zaad van Satan

Openluchttheater Overloon

Student wind orchestra Auletes, conducted by Paul van Gils, has been looking forward to since the end of 2019, and on June 5 and 6 it will finally happen: the diabolical musical Zaad van Satan! This musical, written by Belgian composer Bert Appermont, is a real scoop here in the Netherlands and will be performed twice in Openluchttheater Overloon. The orchestra will tell the story about the unborn child of Elizabeth, of which people believe it is the child of the devil. In the medieval atmosphere of this beautiful outdoor theatre, the story of this wild witch-hunt will come to life. It seems only love might prevent the pyre… The title roles will be played by several young and talented soloists. Student operetta choir Carmina Ludicra conducted by Inge Stok join the orchestra and soloists to complete the show. Wondering how the story of Elizabeth and Kathelijne might end? Come see the shows on June 5 or 6!

Tickets are now available for adults at €25.00 and students at €15.00.

Sunday June 5, 20:00
Monday June 6, 14:00
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