Fauré & Arnesen

Mixed Choir Vokollage
18 June 2023 19:30
Saint Catharine's Church

This summer on June 18th at 19:30 in the Catharinakerk in Eindhoven, Vokollage comes with a performance of two great pieces. Two pieces that contrast and elevate each other. One an all time classic, the other by an up-and-comer; one about life the other about death.

The concert will feature Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem, a piece which crawls from the deepest depths to search and eventually find enlightenment; and Kim André Arnesen’s Magnificat which he himself described as an “offering support and hope for all people struggling against adversity or in need of strength”.

Amin Ebrahimi will be conducting the choir, Vokollage’s old conductor Ruud Huijbregts will be providing the organ parts and the solos in the Magnificat will be performed by Sabra El Bahri Khatri.

  • Conductor: Amin Ebrahimi
  • Soprano: Sabra El Bahri Khatri
  • Organ: Ruud Huijbregts
  • Gabriel Fauré – Requiem
  • Kim André Arnesen – Magnificat