Aankomende Concerten

  • Klassiek op de Campus

    Klassiek op de Campus

    Klassiek op de Campus is an annual festival where student orchestras and choirs from all over the Netherlands come to the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology. You can enjoy free concerts all day long. In addition, fun workshops are given and there is a program for children.

    More information about the program will be provided on the Klassiek op de Campus website, but you can already put June 2, 2024 in your calendar!

  • Auletes in Contrast

    Auletes in Contrast

    Auletes explores the boundaries of what is possible in wind music under the theme Contrasts! On March 29, 2024, also Good Friday, the orchestra will perform an ambitious and varied program in the cultural center 't Tejaterke in Best. Since the summer of 2023, Auletes has been led by young conductor Hardy Li, who has once again brought a breath of fresh air through the orchestra.

    During 'Auletes in Contrast' you can enjoy various challenging and well-known pieces of music performed by the orchestra, such as Paris Sketches by Martin Ellerby and the first part of the Symphonic Dances by Sergei Rachmaninoff. There will also be several ensembles, smaller groups of musicians, each of whom will perform a varied repertoire of chamber music.

    We are really looking forward to the concert and hope to welcome you there!

    The concert will take 2 hours including a break.

    Students: €7.50

    Regular: €12.50

  • Ensuite Storybook Concert

    Ensuite Storybook Concert

    On the 23rd of March Ensuite will perform their Storybook Concert. This concert is completely centered around music with a story behind it. Music often goes hand in hand with stories, whether it be folklore, myths or even art based on tales. These stories are an important part of cultures all over the world.

    Thus, Ensuite is playing musical pieces based on diverse stories from around the world during this concert. You will be transported to the Middle East with ‘Belkis: Regina di Saba’ from Ottorino Respighi. Ensuite will also delve into the epic tales of the Irish mythologic hero Ossian with ‘Echoes of Ossian’. In addition to pieces based on older stories, the orchestra will also play a piece written by one of our own members: the premiere of ‘Box of Creatures’ by Alexander Gräwe! It is bound to be a magical evening, so don’t hesitate to come listen!

    The concert starts at 20:00 in the Augustinianum in Eindhoven. The concert will be narrated in Dutch, but you can read along in the English program booklet.

    Students: €9.-

    Regular: €14.--

  • Vokollage Northern Lights Concert

    Vokollage Northern Lights Concert

    On the 17th of March, student choir Vokollage will be performing their Northern Lights concert! During this concert, Vokollage will take you on a roadtrip through the Baltic States onward to Scandinavia, with a diverse repertoire varying from traditional foreign folksongs to more enchanting atmospheric pieces such as Northern lights from Ola Gjeilo. Also, the vocal ensembles Vokoladies and Qhords will perform some beautiful pieces. Join Vokollage on a musical journey through the Nordic countries during our beautiful a capella concert! The concert takes place in the Catharina church at 16.00h.

    Students: €8.50

    Regular: €13.50

  • Ensemble Concert


    On the 3rd of March, the yearly ensemble concert will take place. During this concert, 4 out of the 5 Quadrivium ensembles will perform music of all kinds of styles. The ensembles that will play will include the Qhords, the Vokoladies, Hok2 and BaroQue. You can find more about the ensembles on the ensemble page on our website.

    The program will contain the following music: 

    • Qhords: Weep o mine eyes, Trishas Lullaby and When the earth stood still 
    • Vokoladies (4 seasons theme): Blossoms (Spring), Summertime barbershop (Summer), Autumn Leaves (Autumn) en Tundra (Winter) 
    • Hok2: El Porsche Negro from suite Bello Epoque by Medaglia, Canon from suite by Lefebvre and parts of Pictures at an exhibition by Mussorgsky 
    • BaroQue: Piccolo Concerto in D major by Georg Philipp Telemann 

    The concert will take place at the CKE in Eindhoven (Pastoor Petersstraat 180, Eindhoven). The tickets for the concert are completely free so don't hesitate to bring your whole family! The concert will start at 15:00 and there will be program booklets available. 

  • 59th Board of ESMG Quadrivium

    59ste Bestuur van ESMG Quadrivium

    Qreating Harmonies

    Dear reader, 

    We are honoured to present ourselves: the 59th board of ESMG Quadrivium: ‘Qreating Harmonies’!

    From harmony among our members, a board that wants to make choices in harmony, making beautiful sounds and harmonies and forming a harmonic bond with other organizations and associations; this year is all about Qreating Harmonies.

    Since we are chosen to be the board in the year before Quadrivium's 12th lustrum year, our main goal is to have the association take the steps to make this celebration the best it can be. We would like for Quadrivium to grow this year by putting our association more in the spotlight, in regard to music, involvement and recognition, for both the near future and beyond.

    In case of any questions, you can reach us via the emails indicated below.

    Yours faithfully, 

    board of ESMG Quadrivium

    Photos: Levi Baruch

    Jeannette Stekelenburg

    As chair of ESMG Quadrivium, I am responsible for the day-to-day management of the association. By keeping the overview and occasionally directing my fellow board members, I work hard to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. This includes ensuring and regulating policies as well as upholding the aims that already exist. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding our association!

    Anne Slegers

    As secretary, I am responsible for all kinds of administrative tasks. This means, among other things, that I take the minutes of our meetings, handle emails for the board, send the newsletters and keep the website and calendars up to date. I also keep all membership records and I am the point of contact for new potential members.

    Renske Bok

    As treasurer, I am responsible for the finances of the association. I am in charge of payments and the accountancy of the association, as well as making the financial year report. The KCC (financial auditing committee) checks the accountancy and helps me when I have questions.

    As this board does not have a commissioner Auletes, our wind orchestra Auletes is run by the AuleCie, the orchestra committee, under supervision of the board. For any questions, feel free to reach out to auletes@esmgquadrivium.nl or chair@esmgquadrivium.nl.

    Fieke Vermeulen

    As commissioner Ensuite, I am responsible for the symphony orchestra, Ensuite. I am responsible for organizing three fantastic projects performed by this amazing orchestra. I also make sure that the weekly rehearsals run smoothly and that everyone has a good time.  

    Rachelle Dammer

    As commissioner Vokollage, I am the chair of the mixed choir, Vokollage. I am responsible for organizing three fantastic projects performed by this amazing choir. I also make sure that the weekly rehearsals run smoothly and that everyone has a good time.

    Max Hanssen


    As commissioner piano members, I organize activities for the piano members together with the piano committee. These activities include masterclasses and piano evenings. Besides that I am also responsible for making sure the pianos are in tune as well as the maintenance of the pianos.

    Besides commissioner piano members, I am also the commissioner ensembles. I keep track of the ensembles of quadrivium, allowing them to rehearse, work with coaches and do performances. Together with the ensemble committee I organize concerts for the ensembles as well as other activities to encourage new ensembles to form.

    Inge van Grinsven

    As lustrum commissioner, I am responsible for managing the 12th lustrum of Quadrivium. On the 1st of December 2024, Q will celebrate her 60th anniversary, which will be celebrated during the whole academic year of 2024/2025. Together with the lustrum committee, I will prepare that year, in order to ensure that the amazing lustrum concerts and fun activities will go smoothly!

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